Why Join CIM?

The Canadian Institute of Management is Canada’s senior not-for-profit management organization established and dedicated to the development and promotion of managerial excellence at all organizational levels.

Being a holder of a C.I.M. designation can provide you with the satisfaction that you are among that elite group of people who have an overall knowledge of what it takes to be a manager in the business world of today. It also demonstrates to either your prospective or present employer that you have achieved your certification as one of the highest standards in academic knowledge.

When you become a member of the Canadian Institute of Management, you join a national network of practicing managers. In an effort to keep up to date with business trends and the current environment, we encourage our members to attend periodic seminars, workshops, dinner meetings, and read our nationally distributed publication “The Canadian Manager”.

Through a diversified offering of designation programs, CIM informs and trains management professionals and those working to be management professionals to be better prepared for the current and emerging world of management. Being a CIM member also provides fellowship, social and professional networking opportunities.

Employers do look for evidence that the candidate has indeed pursued additional areas of professional development. CIM offers an opportunity for fellow graduates of the program to serve as a great resource, networking with potential and future employers and the opportunity to be an active participant in an organization that specifically supports business management.Member Be

Member Benefits

  • Manager Magazine
  • Branch Newsletter
  • Management Matters weekly e-publication
  • Branch events
  • Access to Management Direct
  • Various Discounts etc.

Management Direct

ManagementDirect Returns!

CIM is pleased to announce that we have renewed ManagementDirect as a membership benefit. As a CIM member, you’ll have access to this extensive online knowledge resource packed with management best practice content.

• Dealing with an absenteeism issue?
• Need to better manage your time?
• Want a template for a strategic plan or a checklist to manage your project?   

ManagementDirect’s extensive library of content includes:

  • E-learning modules: from developing a management style to the principles of project management
  • Leader videos: covering real-life management issues
  • Thinkers: summaries of the ideas of major theorists to help problem solving
  • Interactive scenarios
  • Published articles: a database of articles from the Professional Manager magazine
  • Checklists: hundreds of practical tick lists of activities to ensure a best practice approach
  • E-journals: thousands of journals, publications and research documents offering latest industry insight
  • Document outlines and research summaries on key business initiatives such as devising a marketing plan
  • CPD/PDU tracking

See what ManagementDirect is all about: http://youtu.be/0M8rKPKOhH0

ManagementDirect Is Better Than Ever:

New Structured Learning Journeys

This allows you to create and access ‘playlists’ of content on core management skills or hot topics.  You can now create customised learning journeys specifically designed for management support.


Massively expanded e-learning content

Everything you need to progress to the next level is at your finger tips. ManagementDirect now boasts over 120 modules and 15 interactive scenarios which make it an incredibly valuable new asset to our CIM members.


Clearer graphics, quicker navigation

Not only has ManagementDirect been redesigned to give it a thoroughly modern look and feel, but it’s also clearer and simpler with improved search and navigation to ensure members can get to the information they need – when they need it.


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