FEE SCHEDULE FOR 2012 – 2013

F.C.I.M. Membership $284.00 ($251.33 plus $32.67 H.S.T.)
C.I.M. Membership $284.00 ($251.33 plus $32.67 H.S.T.)
P.Mgr. Membership $284.00 ($251.33 plus $32.67 H.S.T.)
Student Membership $284.00 ($251.33 plus $32.67 H.S.T.)
General Membership $284.00 ($251.33 plus $32.67 H.S.T.)
Retired Membership $147.00 ($130.09 plus $16.91 h.S.T.)
Half-Year Membership (NEW Members Only as of Jan. 1/13) $147.00   ($125.66 plus $16.34 h.S.T.)


Fees may be paid by cheque or credit card – Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Membership fees are paid directly to the National Office at: Canadian Institute of Management, 15 Collier St., Lower Level, Barrie, ON L4M 1G5. The CIM year runs from June 1 to May 31.

The Hamilton Branch will charge $35.00 for N.S.F. cheques.

All Distance Learning fees are paid directly to the National Office.

Application for Equivalencies:

$84.75 ($75.00 plus $9.75 H.S.T.) per course credit (If a CIM member while taking the course elsewhere, there is no charge.) The course would have to meet the minimum passing grade and time restrictions as per CIM policy. Applications are available from the office or on-line at www.cim.ca from the National web site.

Application to Write Challenge Exam:

$169.50 ($150.00 plus $19.50 H.S.T.)

Application for Professional Manager Designation:

$67.80 ($60.00 plus $7.80 H.S.T.) for members in good standing for the past two years. $124.30 ($110.00 plus $14.30 H.S.T.) for new members. $113.00 ($100.00 plus $13.00 H.S.T.) for members who have not been active for the past two years and will need to re-apply.

Tax Receipts:

Member Price: The cost for a duplicate tax receipt from the Branch is $11.30 ($10.00 plus $1.30 H.S.T.)

Transcript of Marks:

Member price: Duplicate transcripts from the Branch can be requested for a fee of $11.30 ($10.00 plus $1.30 H.S.T.)

Non Member Price: The cost for a duplicate tax receipt from the Branch is $20.60 ($20.00 plus $2.60 H.S.T.)

The Hamilton Branch is proud to announce that its marketing video is available on YouTube. Please click on the following link to view it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HRRn5LZ2QE

For further information, including on Distance Education and on equivalencies, please call our Branch Office at (905) 561-9889 or e-mail at admin@cim-hamilton.com The Branch web site is – www.cim-hamilton.com
The Hamilton Branch Office hours are Mondays from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and Thursdays from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.



McMaster University’s Faculty of Engineering and Mohawk College’s School of Engineering Technology have partnered to establish the Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) degree program. This program is now accredited by the Canadian Institute of Management. For more information click on news and info.


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