Education Programs

The Institute’s programs are available through many educational institutions in cities across Canada. The programs are also available in a variety of forms and structures:

Corporate sponsored on-site training
National accredited campus full-time study programs

Distance Education through the National Office
Continuing Education studies through equivalency courses
International recognition of individual achievement

Below is a list of the mandatory courses including two electives*. Please visit the National website at for a complete listing of electives. Two are required.

– Introduction to Management – Managerial Accounting
– Managerial Communications – Marketing Management*
– Canadian Business Law – Financial Management
– Human Resources Management* – Strategic Analysis.

Certificate in Supervisory Management (CSM)

This four-subject course of study is designed to provide the foundation of supervisory management for those who have not formally studied supervision, or for those who wish to qualify for their first supervisory role. The CSM certificate is awarded to those who complete the four courses in what the Institute considers to be the foundations of supervisory management. The CSM is not a designation.

These courses include:

Introduction to Management Canadian Business Law
Managerial Communications Human Resources Management
or Marketing Management *

* Electives. Please visit the National website at for a complete listing of electives.

Certificate in Management & Administration Studies (CIMA)

The CIMA program is designed to expose students to the major areas of managerial responsibility, and to enhance management skills of current supervisors and managers. Students will be awarded a ‘Certificate in Management and Administration’ (CIMA) upon completion of an eight subject study course as specified by the Institute. Holders of the CIMA certificate will be eligible to apply for the well-known professional designation, C.I.M. (Certified in Management) upon completion of two (2) years of Canadian managerial or supervisory work experience. Candidates will also be required to submit an application, along with two letters of business reference and a current resume within six years of completing the prescribed studies. The two years of managerial work experience may include experience obtained before, during and after their course of studies. Over the years, many thousands of individuals from business, government and industry have enhanced their careers by meeting our academic requirements.


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